Coverage and Benefits Original Medicare Part A Original Medicare Part B All-in-one Medicare Advantage Plan Part C Stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan Part D
Standard Coverage
Part A: Hospital Coverage:Includes hospital expenses, skilled nursing, and home health and hospice care.
Part B: Doctor & Outpatient Coverage:Includes doctor visits, outpatient care and preventive services
Additional Coverage
Perscription drug coverage
Coverage for dental care and procedures
Coverage for vision exams, corrective eye-wear, and procedures
Coverage for hearing exams and treatment
Doctor and Hospital Network
Your Preferred Network Type
Predictable Costs and Potential Savings
Maximum out-of-pocket limit
Zero Dollar Premium Plans
Maximize Your Benefit® Rx
Dual Eligiblity
Your dual-eligibility selection
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Additional Benefits and Services
A free gym membership through the SilverSneakers® fitness program
Go365 Humana's personalized wellness and rewards program
Access to Humana's mail-order pharmacy - get your prescriptions mailed to your door
Telemedicine - Virtual telemedicine doctor visits from your phone or computer
Worldwide Emergency Coverage
Annual Wellness Checkup Incentive and Rewards
Added Convenience
Virtually no claims to file