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The decision to offer employee health benefits is an important one.

Humana can help you move forward with confidence.
Match your needs to a plan type
If you...
  • Have a workforce with many young and/or healthy employees with low healthcare use
  • Want a lower monthly premium in exchange for a higher deductible
If you...
  • Have employees who want flexibility to receive care from in or out-of-network doctors
  • Want coverage that helps pay doctor bills, lab tests, and prescriptions from the first day
If you...
  • Have employees with regular healthcare needs
  • Prefer to know your cost for medical services upfront
Then you should choose:
High Deductible Health Plan
The lower upfront cost means employees pay for medical services
until they meet the (high) deductible and insurance kicks in.
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The Humana Advantage

The Humana Advantage
All plans include Go365™ - Humana's wellness program that makes it easy for employees to adopt and maintain health behaviors. Plus, when they participate they can earn a premium discount.
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